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Here is a quick overview of how CGARTIST.COM should be used. For more detailed information on Terms Of Service (Link) and Workflow (link), please see the respective page links. This list will be continuously updated with the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). It is recommended that you check this page regularly.


Artists advertise their services on CGARTIST.COM, by providing an example image, which shows the level of complexity, detail and personal style for the specific job with a fixed price tag. A buyer will purchase the service, providing his concept, after the artist has agreed to take on the job. The purchased amount, minus the marketplace- and PayPal-fees, is paid out to the artist after the buyer has accepted the delivered file.

Seller Requirements (artists providing services on CGARTIST.COM):

To become a seller on CGARTIST.COM, you have to select the seller option when signing up. You will the be asked to a) upload a CV, or b) connect your LinkedIn profile. Most of the time the CV is preferred, unless your LinkedIn profile carries all the required information.

Sellers – Required Information:

1. Full name and address of residency. 2. Mobile phone number. 3. Skype or other chat-contact. 4. Portfolio Link. 5. E-mail 6. Short bio, or link to bio. 7. Referred by (name and email of CGARTIST.COM affiliate that referred you, or NA if not applicable). In some cases we will ask you for a Skype chat or for a mobile phone confirmation code. (The code with the format “CGARTIST-date-confirmationID”  will be sent to your phone. You will be required to e-mail the code back, to Our goal is develop a friendly community with members that can be trusted, and for that reason we would like to know as much as possible about you.

Buyer Requirements:

Before clicking the purchase button to purchase the service, the buyer is required to contact the seller to make sure that the seller agrees to the job and its requirements.


The maximum price for jobs is currently limited to $400. This limit may change in the future.

If you have a service to offer that requires a larger budget, use add-on services and/or break the service into segments.

Sellers are free to set any price. However, CGARTIST.COM has an antiーprice-dumping policy. The minimum accepted hourly rate is $20. Projects should reflect this minimum rate.

Category Definitions:

The current set of categories may be expanded in the future, including the addition of sub-categories.

The current category definitions are:

  1. VR/3D Environments:

Unity or Unreal scene assets, kits, backgrounds, tutorials, or anything that helps you to build a game, or VR scene.

Typically this would be an existing kit to be customized by the seller, according to the buyer’s request.

  1. Game Assets:

Props, environment objects, characters, etc. Typically, these are made from scratch according to the buyer’s concept.

  1. Concepts:

Concepts can be painted environment or character sketches, according to descriptions and/or references provided by the buyer, of sculpted 3D meshes. Sculpted concepts are typically for visualization purposes only and are not optimized for performance. They come in high poly count without UVs or production textures, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Digital Design:

This is a broader category that includes images compositions, motion-graphics, CI-design, and other design-related jobs.

  1. CG Illustration:

This is for custom-rendered images that are used for illustration purposes. Think key-visual for marketing and advertisements. Hero-image for web presentation, book- or magazine covers, and broadcast backgrounds.

  1. 3D Visualization:

This covers product design visualization, architectural visualization and previz for 3D printing, prototyping and manufacturing.

  1. Frameable Digital Art:

This is for high-resolution artwork used in super high-quality large prints. Decorative, artistic digital drawings, or abstract 3D renderings are the intended formats. Typical applications: home decoration, corporate lobby, public spaces.

Typically, these are finished artwork that can be tweaked according to the buyer’s requests, such as different color space, added detail, customization, etc.

For collector items, these may come with a certificate (if indicated).


Q: What if I am too busy to take on a job order. Can I reject the job?

A: The buyer is required to contact you before purchasing. IF he didn’t, you may reject the job, and the buyer will receive a refund. If you are currently unavailable, you can put your profile in vacation mode. You have two options here: a) I’m overbooked, or b) I’ll be back soon.

To be continued …