About us:

CGARTIST.COM has been in business since 2002. It was started as a production house for tutorials on all leading 3D, VFX, imaging, and animation software, pioneering e-commerce with a high performance online shop. CG ARTIST DVDS were distributed around the globe and were a great success from day one. Over the years, the CGARTIST.COM team moved into production for numerous clients in broadcast and game production, leaving little time for tutorials and other community work outside of our heavy involvement in CG projects. In 2016, we decided to make a comeback as a marketplace to launch in 2017 and which may include tutorials in the future. We love CG and we believe anything CG has a great future, as it empowers human imagination and continues to push the boundaries of entertainment and industrial innovation by visualizing the ever-evolving ideas of the human mind. The advent of VR, in which we have been involved since the beginning of its new era in 2012, will bring new opportunities to a growing field where a lot of work needs to be done. As we have worked with so many people over the years in production, we also maintain good relationships with studios and institutions in the industry. Our goal is to bring talent to where it is needed and connect Buyers and Sellers of services in the CG industry.

What differentiates us from other platforms is our specialization in all matters of CG art and our commitment to create a positive environment for artists. We believe in fair payment and we believe artists should compete in skills, style, and uniqueness rather than in price. We envision that CG artists should carry their CGARTIST.COM profile in their signature next to their Artstation or portfolio, so that clients have a way to quickly access their services in a convenient way. We will do our part to push these services out into the public and to potential clients in broadcast, VFX, games,and design. We have earned the trust of clients and partners. In the 15 years in business, we have never had a single serious case of a dispute with any. The future of CG looks brighter than ever and we will do our best to contribute to the growing infrastructure that is needed to build our virtual future.

Production: studio.cgartist.com
Singapore business registration:
UEN: 53341796A